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5 Methods Of Waterproofing Your Basement

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Do you have a basement that you want to finish, but you're concerned about water getting in over time? You'll definitely want to take steps to waterproof the basement to ensure that the new construction is protected. Here are a few ways that you can waterproof your home's foundation.

Interior Waterproofing 

The process of interior waterproofing is to deal with water that has already entered your basement. It's a technique that requires a drainage system around the perimeter of the basement, which collects water through a weeping tile system and diverts it away into a sump. A sump pump is then used to safely remove that water and prevent moisture from collecting in your basement.

The advantage of an interior waterproofing system is that it doesn't involve any excavation to install it, but you still have not fixed the problem of why water is getting into your home. 

Crack Injection

If you have notable cracks in the foundation you can use a crack injection technique to seal them. It will involve using a polyurethane-based sealant or an epoxy and injecting it directly into the crack to seal it. The method is simple and effective at keeping water out, and will also provide some structural integrity to the crack to prevent it from spreading.

Exterior Waterproofing

An exterior waterproofing system is placed outside of your home but requires a lot of excavation to do so. It is common to place a waterproof membrane against the foundation to prevent water from getting inside. It's great for areas that have a high water table and can be quite effective at keeping your basement dry.

Foundation Drainage Systems

There are many things that you can do to keep water away from your foundation when it rains. You'll see this commonly done with downspouts that have extensions so that the water is diverted several feet away from the foundation, and then the water will not pool against the exterior walls underground. Even proper land grading can make a huge difference, where the water has a slope to flow away from your home instead of pooling next to it. 

Exterior Drainage System

An exterior drainage system also goes by the names perimeter drain or footing drain. It involves placing perforated pipes around your home's exterior that will collect water and direct it away from the foundation. If the water doesn't collect underground it can't penetrate the foundation walls, which reduces your risk of getting water in your home. 

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