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Keeping Your Home Safe From Winter Damages

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Preventing roof damage during the winter can be slightly more difficult than at other times of the year. When a roof suffers winter-related problems, it is likely to require major repairs. While you will need to be proactive to help to prevent these damages to your roof, it is likely not as difficult as you may be anticipating. Clean the Roof Before the First Snow Cleaning the roof prior to the arrival of the first snow can eliminate materials that may damage the root by trapping moisture, clogging gutter drains, or attracting pests. Read More»

Wood Siding Is Stylish, Yet Practical

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Wood might seem like an old and basic residential siding material, but it is still used for a number of reasons. There are obviously some synthetic materials, like vinyl and fibrecrete that are becoming more popular, but wood will always be one of the most practical siding materials. This article explains why wood is still such an amazing siding material. Modern Wood Siding is Tempered and Strong First of all, it is important to point out that modern wood siding is far more advanced than older products. Read More»

4 Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Wood Fencing And Keep It Looking Beautiful

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Wood fencing is an attractive solution for enclosures around homes or anywhere you want to have privacy, but it also need maintenance. To ensure your fencing lasts long and always looks beautiful, you will need to do things like cleaning and painting to ensure it is protected from weathering. Doing things like adding a ground cover to the base of fencing will help protect it from splash-up that can cause serious damage. Read More»