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5 Reasons To Choose Thermoplastic Parking Lot Striping

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Visible striping is a must in your business's parking lot. Many municipalities have strict codes on how a lot is to be striped, but even in less regulated areas, good striping practices make your business exterior safer and more welcoming in appearance. Thermoplastic striping is a good option over regular painted lines. It contains thermoplastics and resins, which provide the following benefits.

1. Longevity

Stripe repainting can be a frequent need in heavily used lots or in areas where weather wears paint down quickly. Even under the best conditions, painted stripes can begin to fade after a couple of years. Thermoplastics can last at least twice as long as a painted stripe. The initial installation of thermoplastic stripes is more than paint, but you end up saving money because of fewer reapplications and less frequent parking lot maintenance closures.

2. Speed

It takes a similar amount of time to paint a lot, whether standard striping paint or thermoplastics are used. The time savings comes from the drying and curing time. Depending on weather conditions, a newly painted lot shouldn't be driven on for one to two days. Thermoplastic striping is cured and ready to handle vehicle traffic as soon as it cools from application. This typically only takes a couple of hours at most. 

3. Visibility

Both painted and thermoplastic striping have reflective beads within them to ensure the stripes remain highly visible, no matter the weather or time of day. The difference is that the beads are applied to the surface of the paint, while in thermoplastic striping the beads are integrated part of the thermoplastic itself. Over time, painted lines fade and lose reflectivity, while with thermoplastic stripes, visibility remains excellent even as the lines age.

4. Durability

Erosion from car tires and weathering causes painted lines to chip and fade a small amount each day until repainting is necessary a year or two later. Further, leaked fluids from cars and pollutants in the air and water can damage painted lines. Thermoplastics are resistant to most chemical damages, and they don't fade or chip easily due to weathering and use.

5. Appearance

Thermoplastic striping looks nice whether it was applied yesterday or several years ago. This is in great part due to the aforementioned anti-fading and weather-resistance properties of the material. Even cleaning and power washing the lot shouldn't damage thermoplastic striping, so it's easier to maintain the lot without fear of striping damage.

Contact a thermoplastic pavement striping service if you are ready to have your parking lot lines reapplied.