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Reasons To Use Fake Metal Beams For Your Industrial Design

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Fake metal beams may sound like a strange concept, but they can do a great deal for your home. While they can't support any structure, they have practical and aesthetic uses. These beams can completely renovate the look of your home's interior. They are versatile, and you can customize them to match your decorating tastes. Read on to learn more about fake metal beams and how they can enhance your living space.

What Are Fake Metal Beams? 

Fake metal beams are lightweight structures that have a realistic metal appearance. These beams are not usually made out of metal. Often, they have wood, acrylic, or composite construction. The materials are molded into a metal beam shape and color. You can choose from many styles, including those with a riveted look or a truss style.

Why Use Fake Metal Beams?

People often use metal beams to give their spaces an industrial look. However, real metal beams are sometimes heavy and impractical, especially for decorative purposes. Industrial designs that need several real steel beams may be heavy enough to cause structural issues. Fake metal beams are also less expensive than real beams. In some cases, they are also easier to maintain and replace.

How Can Fake Metal Beams Be Practical?

Even though fake metal beams can't support a structure, they can still be practical. Sometimes, you can use them to hide structural flaws or eye sores. For example, you can use them to hide wires and pipes without adding weight to your ceilings or walls. You can also use them to cover cracks and other design flaws. They are also more practical when you are ready for something different and need to move or change up your design.

What Are the Aesthetic Advantages of Fake Metal Beams?

The uses of fake metal beams as part of an industrial design are many. You can use them to create a streamlined and uniform appearance. Since they are not heavy, you are not as limited in how you use them compared to real beams. For example, you can use them to frame a doorway or other structure. You can also use them to create an illusion of a wall or separated space.

Fake metal beams can upgrade your home's design without the burden of heavy metal beams. You can use them in a variety of ways and create a unique look. Plus, you don't get all the hassles of using and maintaining real metal. Contact a local contractor to learn more about fake metal beams.