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How To Tell If You Should Be Filtering Your Water

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Clean water is important for drinking, washing, and other household needs. Many people use water filtration systems to ensure their home's water will be clean enough for everyday use. Do you need to invest in water filtration services, though? You probably will if you're looking at one of these situations.


One of the most common reasons people filter their water is chlorine. Highly chlorinated water can have a sheen that appears on the top of the water when you run it from the tap. Other chemicals may do this, too. If you're not sure what the chemicals are in your water, you can send a sample for testing. this will let you narrow in on what filters are necessary.

Well Water

The odds that a house with well water is achieving cleanliness levels close to municipal water is extremely low. Well water can collect contaminants from the rain or just sitting in the well. The smart move is to fully filter all well water, especially for the presence of bacteria and minerals.


You might find that your home's water leaves stains on your clothes, especially anything with white or light materials. If you're seeing stains, especially after using a washing machine, that's a sign that there is something present in the water. Even if the culprit proves to be a relatively harmless mineral, you probably don't want the water staining anything you wear.


Unfiltered water can develop some funky tastes, too. The possible range of reasons for funny tastes goes from harmless minerals to downright dangerous chemicals. If you don't know what's causing the water to taste even a bit funny, you should discontinue use until you can have it tested. Bear in mind that boiling may not be sufficient to remove some heavy metals that can be dangerous so don't take chances.

Pre-1986 Homes

Houses built before 1986 weren't always subject to laws banning the use of lead in water pipes and soldered joints. If you know the house was constructed around or before this time, assume the worst and filter your water. This is especially wise if you have children in your home.

Washing Your Sinks, Bathtub, or Shower Frequently

Many contaminants will leave residues on surfaces after the water evaporates. If you find that you're cleaning your sinks, bathtub, or shower a lot, it could be due to the presence of calcium or other minerals in the water. Fortunately, you can install in-line water filtration systems to catch this stuff.

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