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Here's What To Know About Having Your Home's Siding Replaced

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Are you considering having your home's siding replaced with a more modern option? There are lots of good reasons to do so, especially if your old siding has seen better days. Here are a few things you should know about doing so:

Preparing for the Replacement

There are some things you can do to make the siding replacement process go more quickly and smoothly for your service provider. The faster they can get your siding installed, the less money you will spend on labor costs. Start by cutting your grass so that the area around your home is clear and free of weeds. This can help make it safer and easier for your service provider and their crew to maneuver as they work.

You can also trim tree branches that are hanging close to the house so that your service provider does not have to work around them, and so that your new siding does not accidentally get scratched up while it is being installed. You should remove any potted plants, chairs, and other items that are near your home too.

Diagnosing During the Replacement

You can expect your service provider to inspect your walls once your old siding has been removed to ensure that no water damage or other problems are present. If problems are spotted, they can make recommendations as to what you should do about it before your new siding is installed. Taking steps to address the problems before the new siding goes up can help ensure that your new siding doesn't get damaged and need replacement again prematurely. It can also reduce the chance that your home's framing may become water damaged or fail in some way.

Cleaning up After the Replacement

Your siding contractor should clean up most of the mess that they make. They should also haul your old siding away—even if for an extra fee. However, there may be some things that you will have to clean up yourself before all is said and done. For example, some siding nails might accidentally be left behind on the grass after becoming "lost". Therefore, it is a good idea to spend some time inspected the yard space around your home to look for rogue items that have been left behind. If they aren't picked up, they can be hazardous to your kids and pets when they are playing outside.

Contact a professional home siding replacement contractor today to schedule an in-home consultation appointment and to pick out your new siding.