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A Beginner's Guide To The 4 Styles Of Accessory Dwelling Unit

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An accessory dwelling unit could be the solution to a variety of family housing challenges. But which type of unit should you add to your property? The best way to find the right answer is to learn more about all the options available to today's homeowners and what each brings to the table. Here's a short guide to get you started. 

1. Detached ADU. A detached ADU is a smaller version of a house placed somewhere on the property but not actually part of the main home. It offers the most privacy, but it requires the largest lot to accommodate both structures. This is the best arrangement if you (now or in the future) want to rent out the unit to strangers as either a short-term or long-term rental, which boosts flexibility and return on your investment. 

2. Home Addition. Many homeowners add on to their existing primary home to create an attached ADU. This addition is popular for families who want to have an elderly or special needs relative live with them. It provides privacy, often having its own exterior entrance, but it still keeps the family member close enough to help provide more care and attention. The addition also allows you to share certain house features, like a kitchen. 

3. Interior Redesign. Don't have a big lot or the budget for a self-contained ADU? You can still create one within the confines of your current home. As the family grows and changes, homeowners often find that their house isn't fully utilized. In this case, you may be able to redesign a section for use as a small apartment or semi-autonomous suite. Common choices are unused bedrooms and family bathrooms, underutilized dining rooms or family rooms, or a basement. 

4. Garage Conversion. A garage ADU is one of the most perennially popular versions for good reason. It can be the most budget-friendly, comes with both interior and exterior entrances, and is often space that can be spared by the homeowner. However, a garage-based ADU does limit the amount of space you can work with and may not be best for those who do fully use their garage. In this case, though, you could consider building your ADU above the garage instead. 

Want to know more about the pros and cons of any of these accessory dwelling unit styles? Start by consulting with an experienced remodeling contractor in your area who specializes in ADU construction. With their guidance and your own creative thinking, you're sure to find the perfect unit to keep your family safe, healthy, and together. 

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