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Stump Grinding to Prepare Your Lawn for New Turf

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When you remove a tree, the stump that is left can make restoring landscaping challenging. If you want to have a nice grassy lawn, there are some things that need to be done to ensure the turf is healthy and green. The following stump removal information will walk you through the process of removing the stump and replanting your lawn:

Removing the Stubborn Stump

The removal of the stump should be something that is left up to the professionals. This is because they can provide a variety of options for its removal and have the right tools to get the job done. They can dig the stump up and remove it or grind it back into the soil. They will also be able to remove any larger roots around the stump and help with soil preparation to replant the turf.

Dealing With Depleted Soil Issues

The soils can also cause issues if they are depleted of their nutrients due to an old tree and stump. Therefore, after the stump has been removed, the soils are going to need to have nutrients added to them to ensure turf thrives. Adding a slow-release fertilizer ensures the new grass thrives and is lush and green. This will also help if you plan on adding other plants to the landscaping other than grass turf.

Adding Substrate for the Grass Turf

There are also options to use substrate to give your lawn grassy turf. Most grass species thrive in substrate soil mixtures that retain moisture and contain a lot of loose sediment. It is important to have the right soil mixture before planting grasses. The substrates used to plant the turf should also contain plenty of nutrients. Therefore, you may want to mix sand and topsoils together to create the perfect conditions for new grass to grow.

Caring for Turf Where Stumps Have Been Removed

The turf you plant over areas where stumps have been removed needs proper care. Sometimes, there may be issues with drainage and nutrients. Therefore, it is important to make sure these areas are watered and occasionally fertilized if needed. There may also be issues with areas settling, which can cause uneven holes. If there is uneven settling, even it out by adding sand to the turf and raking it flat.

The removal of stumps is the first step in the process of replanting your lawn after tree removal. Contact a stump removal service to help deal with these issues and get your lawn ready to plant fresh, green grass.