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Three Elements That May Affect The Price You Are Quoted For Commercial HVAC Installation

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The cost to replace a commercial HVAC unit can vary drastically from one building to the next. There are many factors that can affect the price that you are quoted for new commercial HVAC installation. Some of these factors you may already know, such as the number, brand, and size of HVAC units you are purchasing, the size of your commercial building, and whether any other parts of the HVAC system, such as the duct work, need to be replaced in the process. There are also a few elements that may affect your final price that you are unaware of. Read on to learn more about these lesser-known factors. 

The Type of HVAC System Your Building Currently Has

One of the elements that may affect the price you are quoted for commercial HVAC installation is the type of HVAC system your building currently has in place. There are different types of systems, including variable-air-volume systems, constant-air-volume systems, and variable-refrigerant-volume systems. The type of system you have affects the number of HVAC units your building requires, what types of HVAC units you need in the building, and where the units can ultimately be placed within your building. 

The Age of Your Commercial Building

Another element that may affect the price you are quoted for commercial HVAC installation is the age of your commercial building. If you have a historic building, you may need special permits to replace the units, which can drive the costs up. If you have an older building, there may be less space around the units, which can make fitting units in your building more of a challenge. As a general rule of thumb, it costs more to install commercial HVAC units in older buildings compared to newer, more modern buildings. 

The Location of Your HVAC Units

The last element that may affect the price of commercial HVAC installation is the location of your HVAC units. Many commercial buildings have HVAC units placed on the roof. If you have a high-rise building, a crane may be needed to place those units on the roof. Having to rent a crane and hire a professional to place the unit can increase your costs.

The price you will pay for new commercial HVAC installation may vary drastically from the price another commercial building owner will pay. Taking the time to get multiple estimates and having estimates broken down will help you to see why your costs may be higher or lower than someone else and help you to learn what a fair price will be to have your old commercial HVAC units removed and have new ones installed.