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Deck Installation Tips For Year-Round Enjoyment

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A deck can be an excellent addition to most houses provided they're installed correctly. One of the main issues with many homes is that you don't get many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. This can be particularly difficult if the weather is bad. However, adding a deck gives you a chance to have space that is outside your home but still protected to some degree from the elements.

One of the challenges when installing a deck is having a deck that you can enjoy throughout the year. There are a few deck installation tips that can help with this.

Add Adequate Lighting

Without lighting, a deck isn't as much fun once it gets dark. However, rather than just throwing a few light fixtures randomly around your deck, you can use the opportunity to get a little creative. If your deck has stairs, you can start by adding a few stair lights to light the way. This makes the stairs a lot safe to use. The lights don't have to be very high powered.

Under-table lighting is a great idea too if you have an outdoor cooking area in your deck. This creates convenient workspaces on your deck for late-night grilling.

Add Some Shade

Another major issue that makes it difficult to use decks around the year is lack of shade. In the summer, the sun can get too hot or too bright, making it difficult to use a deck that's not properly shaded. Pergolas, awnings, umbrellas, and many other solutions can provide varying amounts of shade depending on whether you're trying to keep out the sun or the rain.

Built-In Furniture

The hassle of carrying furniture in and out of the house is one that many people don't like. However, leaving furniture out in the deck can lead to them getting soaked by a sudden downpour. Adding some built-in weatherproof furniture to your deck can make it a lot easier to use the deck.

Bring the Heat

Nothing will send you running away from your deck faster than a slight chill in the air. In fact, in many homes, the decks will remain mostly vacant throughout winter and even late in the fall if it's cold enough.

However, you can turn your deck into a true master of all seasons by adding some heat. There are many options you can explore in this regard including using radiant heaters or even adding a fire pit. Get in touch with a deck builder such as Freeborne to learn more.