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Keeping Your Home Safe From Winter Damages

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Preventing roof damage during the winter can be slightly more difficult than at other times of the year. When a roof suffers winter-related problems, it is likely to require major repairs. While you will need to be proactive to help to prevent these damages to your roof, it is likely not as difficult as you may be anticipating.

Clean the Roof Before the First Snow

Cleaning the roof prior to the arrival of the first snow can eliminate materials that may damage the root by trapping moisture, clogging gutter drains, or attracting pests. Additionally, these materials can help to insulate snow and ice, which can promote major accumulations of these substances. Waiting until the fall for this work can allow you to have most of the debris that may have fallen on the roof removed.

Limit the Ice Accumulation

Even seemingly small amounts of snow and ice on the roof can add a considerable amount of weight to the structure. Removing these accumulations can reduce the risk of structural damages. Sadly, the slick conditions that may be found on the roof can make it extremely difficult to safely go on the roof to break up these accumulations. You can overcome this by opting for a roof rake that is equipped with an extending handle. These devices can help you to remove most of the snow and ice while remaining safely on the ground.

Check the Attic for Signs of Pests When the Weather Changes

There are many small animals that will see your roof and attic as an ideal location to seek shelter during periods of extreme lows. The holes that these animals make to enter through the roof can allow the heat from inside your home to leave and can allow moisture to enter the home. The pests that made the hole can cause damage to your home's interior. When the temperature changes, looking for signs of these pests in the attic will make it easier to know what steps should be taken to address this disruptive problem.

Appreciate the Hazards Represented by a Sagging Roof

If at any point you notice that the roof of your home is sagging in some locations, immediate repairs must be done by a company that offers roofing services. Often, this type of problem will arise after heavy snowfall or thick ice has developed on the roof. The intense weight of these materials can contribute to the roof's structural supports being damaged. When repairs are not made before the next heavy snowfall, the risks of a roof collapse will be much higher.