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Wood Siding Is Stylish, Yet Practical

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Wood might seem like an old and basic residential siding material, but it is still used for a number of reasons. There are obviously some synthetic materials, like vinyl and fibrecrete that are becoming more popular, but wood will always be one of the most practical siding materials. This article explains why wood is still such an amazing siding material.

Modern Wood Siding is Tempered and Strong

First of all, it is important to point out that modern wood siding is far more advanced than older products. That is, the same popular species, like pine, alder, mahogany, and cedar are still used. But, these wood species are now tempered more effectively using more advanced techniques and products. Modern tempering hardens the wood and makes it stronger so it can withstand moisture and fight off termites. The tempering does not alter the way that the wood looks. In fact, the wood can still be painted, stained, oiled, and finished just like any other piece of lumber.

Customize Your Home

There are many ways that you can customize your siding and make it much more stylish. With wood, unlike modular products, you can have much more freedom when it comes to creating patterns and designs with your pieces. You can use panels, planks, shingles, shakes, and/sheets. Best of all you can use a combination of different siding shapes and sizes to create unique patterns. Since wood can be stacked and attached at angles, it really gives the builder the opportunity to create a stylish siding design.

Not only can you customize the layout and the pattern of your wood siding, but you can also apply unique, custom finishes, paints, and stains. Basically, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to changing your color, updating the finish, and always making sure that your wood is stylish. For example, Wood siding can be painted a solid color, but most people will prefer to apply a clear stain that shows the wood grain.

Wood Siding is Practical

In addition to the fact that would is probably the most stylish sighting option, it is also very practical and energy efficient. It is a material that performs well in both hot and cold weather. You can insulate in colder temperatures, and it doesn't transfer heat and hot temperatures.

Traditionalists love the style and authenticity of real wood home siding. It is easy to see why it is such a desirable product.