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3 Facts About Asbestos That You Should Know When Doing Renovations To Older Homes

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If you have an older home and are planning on doing some renovations, then there are some facts that you will want to know, such as what asbestos is, materials where it is found, and the health risks associated with exposure to air born asbestos particles. Here are some of the facts that you will want to know about asbestos before you start your home renovation projects:

1. Asbestos: The Wonder Mineral That Has Become a Hazard in Homes

Asbestos is one of the most common minerals found naturally in the environment. It is used to manipulate and fire resistant, which makes it an excellent material for manufacturing building products. The problem is that the particles in asbestos are known to cause health problems, which is why you do not want to have this material in your home. It may be in things like drywall textures, floor tiles, siding, insulation, and roofing.

2. Health Risks That Are Caused by Exposure to Asbestos Particles

The asbestos materials in your home are a danger because of the dust that they can produce. The particles are known to cause respiratory problems with prolonged exposure. If the materials in the interior of your home contain asbestos, you will want to have these materials removed by a professional abatement service. Materials that are used on the exterior of your home are a little easier to deal with. Usually, if you do not disturb these materials, you will not need to have them removed. Talk with the renovation contractor about options for covering or repairing things like siding on exterior finishes that contain asbestos.

3. The Materials in Homes That May Contain Hazardous Asbestos Particles

It is the materials inside your home that are the most dangerous to your home. The materials that cause the most dust, such as drywall texturing and insulation are the most hazardous, and you will want to have them removed by a professional. Other materials like floor tiles and old asbestos drain pipes are less dangerous because they do not cause as much does, but you still want to have them removed. Talk with your remodeling contractor and an abatement service about different options for dealing with these materials.

These are some of the facts about asbestos that you need to know. Contact a home renovation service like Alleva Construction, Inc for help with renovations and having asbestos materials dealt with by professionals to ensure there are no hazards to your family.