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3 Ways To Guarantee The Safe Usage Of A Rental Crane

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A mobile crane can help save time and effort on your construction project. Although the crane is necessary, it can also present a safety concern if your workers are not properly trained in using it. To help make sure your rental crane is used properly while it is on-site, here are some tips to review with your workers.

Select the Right Size

The equipment rental company undoubtedly has cranes of various sizes. You want to make sure you choose the right size to avoid having a crane that is too small or large for your project needs. A crane that is too small could tip, and one that is too large might not fit into the work area.

Before you rent a crane, take the time to assess the job that you need done. If you are unsure of the crane size needed, you can provide the information about what you are lifting to the rental company representative, and he or she can help you select the right size.

Know Your Work Environment

Although mobile cranes can typically be used in any work environment, there are some conditions in which using one could be hazardous. For instance, using a mobile crane on rough terrain could cause it to become unstable.

Therefore, it is important to take the time to assess the environment in which you want to use the crane. Make note of any special conditions that could impact the operations of the crane. For instance, if the space is limited, you might need to rent a crane that is smaller so that it can fit within the work site.

Provide the Operator with Support

While operating the crane, your operator will need backup to ensure that he or she is able to safely perform the tasks needed. Without the proper support, your crane operator and others in the area could be put at risk. Most mistakes with a crane are easily avoided with the right support.

For instance, the operator will need someone to help with clearing the path when the crane is moved. Without someone doing this, other workers might not be aware of the need to move until it is too late. To prevent this, find out what support the operator needs and provide it.

By following these tips and the instructions that are provided by the mobile crane service, you can avoid safety problems on your construction site.