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3 Ways A Good Gutter System Protects Your Entire Property

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You do a lot to protect your home and property, but have you missed out on one key — but underappreciated — defense tool? If you haven't installed a good gutter system, you may be doing just that. While gutters are often thought of in terms of providing comfort for residents and visitors, they also serve several vital protective uses for the property. Here are a few of them.

1. They Protect the Roof

All that rainwater falling on the roof can be dangerous if you don't give the water a place to drain off. If too much water builds up on your roof, it can easily get underneath shingles and find its way down into the materials below them. The water can even seep into your attic and cause interior moisture damage and rot.

Those who live in cold climates face a particularly strong risk of ice dams. Ice dams occur when the rainwater and melting snow fall from the warmer upper parts of the roof to the colder edges of the eaves. The water can then freeze in place and create a dam of ice, blocking more water that then gets into the shingles. 

Gutters help prevent this moisture damage by providing a safe and efficient exit for all water. They remove cold water and ice from the eaves and move it safely to other parts of the system. And they remove debris along with all that water. 

2. They Protect the Foundation

If you let water fall wherever it wants around your home, much of it will fall close to your precious foundation. Over time, this water leakage erodes the foundation. And because the water will puddle and pool at the base of the foundation, it has a much higher chance of seeping into cracks and getting into the basement, garage, and lower floors. 

A good gutter system moves water away from the house and redirects it farther into the yard. Longer downspouts can move water not just a few inches but just about anywhere so the water runs away from the foundation. 

3. They Protect the Yard

If you get a lot of water falling into your yard, you need to be able to direct where it pools and drains. This involves more than just keeping rain away from the house. You can also use a smart gutter system to prevent water from damaging the driveway, garage, outbuildings, and your patio or deck area.

And by preventing a constant drip of water on the ground around the house, you're protected from soil erosion that can kill plants and change the grading of the yard in ways you don't want.

Where to Start

Want to know more about how a quality gutter system can improve your home and yard's health? Start by consulting with a gutter installation provider in your region today.