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3 Tips To Identify Foundation Problems Affecting Your Home

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The structure of your home is supported by a foundation, which may be brick piers or concrete. When the foundation is damaged, the structure of your home is compromised, but it can sometimes be difficult to identify signs of a failing foundation. The warnings signs may be as simple as cracks or interior trim showing signs of damage. Here are some of the foundation damage signs that you want to look for to tell if your home needs repairs to prevent problems from getting worse:

1. Signs of Foundation Damage on Home Exteriors

The exterior of your home is often one of the first places where you will be able to notice a damaged foundation. Cracks in exterior finishes like brick are a major sign of a failing foundation. In addition to cracks, look for windows that are damaged and any trim like molding beneath eaves that may be coming loose or look like they are out of place. These problems are often visible in areas around garages, at load bearing points at corners and long stretches of walls.

2. Problems That You Should Look for On the Interior of Your Home

The interior of your home may also be an area where foundation damage can be noticed. The interior of your home may go unnoticed because problems are often on load bearing walls in the middle of your home. If there are doors in your home that seem to be out of square and not close properly, this can be a sign of a foundation problem. In addition, cracks in drywall and damage to interior trim can also be a sign of a foundation problem. You will also want to look for damage in floors, such as low spots, cracking or gaps in flooring material that are not supposed to be there.

3. Water and Moisture Issues Related to A Foundation Problem

If there is an area of your home that seems to mysteriously have moisture problems, this may be due to a foundation problem. Moisture from foundation problems is common with homes on basements or with slab foundations. The static pressure from the ground water causes a force on the foundation that leads to the failure of waterproofing and can even cause cracking of your home's foundation. If you notice moisture in the area of your home where there is no plumbing or other possible causes, it is a good idea to have the foundation inspected and get advice for repairs to solve the problem.

These are some of the warning signs that can tell you that the foundation of your home needs repair. If you notice some of these problems in your home, contact a foundation repair contractor to help with repairs that prevent these problems from getting worse.